Chris Bryan   Director   Brytech Construction    Southampton

Having passed my test at eighteen and not getting back in the saddle for over twenty years, things had changed out there, car drivers and modern bikes what a mess!

Having spent eight year trying to get to grips with skills that, were at best questionable,  I was introduced to the boys at Advance Plus Training in 2016, That’s when the biking really started for me, I now move faster, safer with better road positioning, the experience has been nothing other than positive. I would highly recommend APT to motorcyclists of any level, there is always something more to learn, and these are the boys to take you there. I could not recommend APT highly enough.

Matthew Beresford     37     Southampton     Managing Director

Having started my riding career relatively late in life, I made the investment in the best equipment I could afford from the start, and of course a bike that far exceeded my capabilities as a novice or intermediate. I always knew that I needed as much experience as possible, but it wasn’t until I signed up for coaching with Advanced Plus Training that my riding truly developed to that of a competent and capable road rider that I am today. Advanced Plus Training’s coaching style is superb, working on all areas from the basics through to advanced rider skills which I never thought I could achieve. My only regret is that I didn’t invest in this valuable process earlier in my riding career.

Glenn Moores     Southampton

After passing my test and riding for 4 years, voyaging around Europe on a bike and commuting daily in heavy traffic, I considered myself to be a pretty proficient rider. However, after undertaking an advanced rider course with APT my riding style has improved so much its astounding. I am safer while being more confident, aware and faster! I couldnt recommend ATP more, no matter how good you think you are, do the training and you’ll find you’re better!

Paul Banner     42     Worthing     Parts Manager

Just to say a big thanks for an extremely informative day out. As a long time rider who’s fallen out of practise somewhat, a day with you has given me far more confidence and re-iterated the important things I need to keep an eye on! I’ll keep trying to put into practise what I learned and definitely recommend you to all. Any advantage on the roads these days could be the one time I need it!-)) Thanks again!

 Lesley Thorogood

I just want to say thank you for giving me the skills , confidence and ability to perfect my bike control and slow riding skills. I have progressed hugely. Your calm, kind professional attitude was just what I needed. I no longer have doubts about my abilities and my riding has gone from strength to strength.

Rui De Castro    44    Langrish    Production Engineer

It is fair to say I used to be an overcautious and nervous driver. I met John and from our very first drive he instilled in me a lot of confidence and gave me the tools to be a safer and better driver able to handle my car. John has great skill in getting you to do exactly what is required without pressurising you but at the same time instilling maximum confidence in what you are doing. His method of teaching is never intrusive but always gentle guidance. I come away from every session filled with new skills and a beaming smile. I can honestly say that I have never had so much enjoyment from driving. John is incredibly good at what he does, you will not be disappointed!