Terms and Conditions

Booking / Payment

Requests to book a session can be made via email on the Training Page

Once a booking has been confirmed you will receive a confirmation email.  If you are a new customer then payment in full will need to have been made prior to the session by cash, bank transfer or cheque. Sorry but we have learnt the hard way standing at the altar waiting for customers to arrive that no show.

If we have ridden with you before then you may pay on the day.


We live in the real world and cancellation works both ways.  In the event of circumstances beyond our control we reserve the right to re-arrange the session to a mutually agreeable alternative date.  We accept that you may have to cancel a session, however, the more notice you give the easier it is to allow someone else to use the day. Please note that if you cancel on the morning of the ride then we will charge you for a full days training.

We ride in all weather except for ice so please do expect to ride in the rain, its all part of the training and continual improvement.

Legal Responsibilities

Clients must ensure their motorcycle is roadworthy and compliant with current legislation at the time of the session as well as being capable of completing the planned activities.

We require that you have a valid Driving Licence, Certificate of Insurance, Road Fund Licence and MOT certificate (where applicable) for your motorcycle and we will ask you to sign a document declaration form to this effect. We will not ride with you if you are not fully legal or if you wont sign the document declaration or if your bike is not roadworthy (you would be stunned at what we see sometimes).

Health and Safety

It is the clients responsibility to ensure they are dressed in appropriate protective clothing, including jacket, helmet, gloves and footwear and we reserve the right not to ride with you if we feel that your attire is not acceptable.

Should the client have any injury or ailment that would prevent them completing the session safely they must inform Advanced Plus Training and the session will be postponed/cancelled.

The client must ensure that they ride their motorcycle within the law as well as within their own cabilities.  Advanced Plus Training cannot be held responsible for any consequence where this is not the case.

We are members of and insured by the DIA (Driving Instructors Association)